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Whats the point in cleaning if my family continue to live here?

Updated: Feb 21

Is there any point in cleaning the house, if my husband and kids continue to live here?? I guess this is a question us parents ask ourselves often. I mean, I try, I wash, clean, tumble dry, iron, hoover, mop but this fucking house always looks messy. There’s always one person doing something, taking something out of place, leaving things on the side and shoes…. don’t get me started on shoes!

I’m actually on shoe strike at the moment, meaning I refuse to pick anyone’s shoes up who have decided to take them off either by the sofa, under the kitchen table, by the back door, by the side door, next to the shoe basket. Not in the shoe basket or the occasional flip the shoes off so they end up in two different places! And to top it off, my husband changes his shoes throughout the day for some unknown reason, probably because he can’t find where he left them before. And yes, George, my other half, is the world worse for this, and it’s not just with shoes. Sometimes I can see the trail of where he’s undressed. They’ll be a belt on the coffee table, jeans slung over the dining room chair, wallet and man purse on the kitchen island alongside whatever shit he’s decided to bring home with him that day. Trust me, he’s always got something.

After dinner last night, the little ones were playing outside whilst George watered the new fruit trees we’ve had planted. Big kids were in their rooms, so I had about an hour in which I cleaned, hoovered, mopped and everything was sparkly clean, I even sprayed the sofas and rugs, so it smelt fresh.

By the time I had a shower and chilled a bit upstairs, I came down to bowls, where someone decided to eat again, not in the sink, next to the sink…WTF is all that about – put it in the goddamn sink. A plate of Dorito dip and crisps beside it with a trail of crumbs from the kitchen side to the floor where they stood to eat. Frappes had been made – I JUST FUCKING CLEANED and now the frappe machine is out, I’m thinking of “accidently” breaking this soon!!

My glass table, which takes much effort to look clean was now covered in drinks, laptops, water jugs and paperwork. What was the flipping point in even trying? Sometimes I just feel like giving up and leaving it all so they can see what it’s like to live in a pig sty.

I couldn’t look at it and as stubborn as I can be, I left it and went upstairs to begin the mountain of ironing that awaited me.

The point is, sometimes us mums can feel very unappreciated and its all the little things we do that keeps the house and family going. We are the backbone to them all but yet sometimes they don’t even know it. And I don’t need constant thankyous – my kids show me a lot of love and affection, even my teenage boy, who will hug me now and then, talks to George and I - were a very open family – BUT if only they would realize how putting their shoes away or putting their bowls in the sink would mean to me! LOL

Having a big family is amazing and I would never change or regret that, but my god, it’s just so tiring to keep the house looking presentable. (I’m very house proud and being open plan makes it harder.)

I’m having a good old moan, but I guess at times, we need to and then let go and continue.

On a brighter note, Isabella and I painted the outside walls yesterday and the fence will be finished today and what a difference it’s made. It somehow feels bigger outside, definitely brighter and hopefully the new trees will give us fresh produce of oranges, lemons, plums, pears and apples.

Peace out

Marissa xoxo



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