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Sunday routine: How to set up for a better week!

I get asked a lot, “how do you cope with such a big family?” This is how we manage our daily running of life, like food…big part of life! Everyones busy with work, school, clubs, homework, so I find if we have our food prepared for the week, its becomes a lot less stressful.

After you read this, you’ll understand that planning is ultimately the best way, although routine sometimes varies week to week depending on family life. This week has reminded me of that, now more than ever. Three of my kids were so ill this week, that routine went a bit tits up!!


Dinner time can sometimes feel overwhelming with a small army to feed. In the last few weeks, George and I have started planning for the week on a Sunday. I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but by doing this, it reliefs a lot of pressure during the week. Meal planning not only saves time but also a heck load of money!!

Plan the lunches, snacks and dinners you’ll be making - with us we usually ask the kids to contribute one dish they would like. We also no longer go to the supermarket browsing the aisles, we work solely off a grocery list which also saves you from buying food you don’t need.


For this you can either pre prep like chopping up all the ingredients for your meal and cook daily or make the whole dish complete and ready, just needs warming up. We do both. From Monday-Wednesday we cook the entire meal plus extra small dishes to freeze. This is for when my older kids are home alone sometimes, it makes it easier for them to feed themselves and I don’t have to worry about them being hungry. Their fully aware on how to operate an oven!

We use throw away silver trays so saves on washing too!!

I also try to pre prep all school snacks and put them in airtight containers. For example, I wash all the fruit, I pick all the grapes ready and contained, chop up all the strawberries and have wrap/sandwich fillings ready. Either tuna sweetcorn or boiled chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and salad cream.

SNACKS YOU CAN PREP: wraps/sandwiches - I make 2 days’ worth at a time

Fruit snacks

Carrot sticks & hummus




Spag Bol

Greek Macaroni (pastichio)

Shepherd’s pie

To do lists are my life!! By writing down all the stuff I need to do that week, I instantly free up my mind and so I feel a lot less overwhelmed trying to remember it all!

I find that working off a list, makes my day run smoother and keeps everyone happy, so win win!! I tick off as my tasks are completed. Very satisfying.

It can be something as simple as putting laundry away or running errands, reminder of kid’s parties that you need a gift for. My biggest problem is remembering school events, meetings – the number of meetings I’ve missed, and we’ve had to play catch up…kids weren’t happy! So, this method works well for me as kids can get terribly upset when you’ve missed something.

Lists make me feel much more accomplished and ready for the next week, I prefer to know ahead of what I need to get done.

They work especially well if you a working mum.


Currently working on this, but there’s a sort of routine I follow in my head. I usually do a wash a day, I put clothes away instantly that don’t need ironing like underwear, socks, pyjamas and some school items. Everything else gets put in a basket. Sunday is usually the evening I do my ironing or at the very least the kids school clothes and the rest roles over to the Monday.

Downstairs living space is cleaned daily such as,



Quick tidy to make look presentable


Tuesday evening, I put everything away back into everyone’s rooms - surprisingly putting things away takes a lot longer than the actual cleaning.

Wednesday is cleaning day, although I have some help for this.


Lastly of course, on a Sunday, make some time to chill and unwind before another week is important even if it means watching a kid’s film together. Once the little ones go to bed, we almost always play kalooki cards or a board game with Kenny and Isabella. During the week, I find that once the kids are sleeping, no matter how tired I am, I feel the need, just for my own sanity, to stay awake for at least a couple of hours of peace, cup of tea and generally unwind my brain with uninterrupted chats with George.

Plans are best done weekly, as schedules have to be flexible each week, and who can predict what the month holds. But weekly, you know about upcoming parties, events for yourself, school holidays that you need to work into the routine. Weekly is much more achievable than monthly planning….

Am I a crazy woman?? I’ve tried shopping daily, but no, didn’t work for me, this is the best method that works for us…. if you haven’t tried, give it a go, you’ll be surprised how much time you free up for yourself and you'll be much more organised!!

Utilizing your Sunday routine will make such a difference to your entire week. Let me know how you guys go with your Sunday routine!

Happy Planning

Marissa xoxo


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