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Pressure of kids birthday parties

Updated: Feb 21

On the 20th February, my lovely little Kimberly is turning 7 and panic mode has set in!!

I clearly remember having the conversation after her party last year, that her 6th birthday party would be the last one where we invited everyone in her class, plus family plus our friends with kids. Its completely over whelming, expensive to say the least and my goodness, the kids birthday parties here are like the ultimate of kids parties but not in a competitive sort of way!

I mean she's been talking about her birthday since before Christmas but only last week she said she couldn't wait for her party.....WTF?? (I didn't actually say this at the time, but it was what my brain was saying internally.) I thought we had an agreement? Her little face when I reminded her of our conversation the previous year, you know the look right, that kids give you as if their world has fallen apart. She has her dad wrapped around her little finger, so now I had them both staring at me. I tried, I tried to bargain and get her excited about a family gathering, cake at home, maybe a family cinema trip, but really she wanted it all, family, friend, lots of useless gifts, sugar highs, and so it began. It's a Wednesday evening 11pm, and I'm blogging whilst a heap of other taps are opened with party themes for 7 year old girls. Yesterday I phoned a ton of places for availability, some were already booked, some were free but to expensive or too far to travel. Also, I work on Saturdays so it would have to be a Sunday, which also probably means lots of siblings.

Just to make this clear, I was born and breed in London so I'm used to the types of parties were the kid gets invited to a friends party for a 2 hour slot where you drop your kid, and collect 2 hours later.....yay 2 hours without a kid!! But no, birthdays here are a BIG thing. Its not just kids, its not just 2 hours. It's the whole family to cater for as well and 2 hours...no such thing in Cyprus, minimum 4 hours. And theres no skimping on food, parents go all out with buffet style food, so parties can end up costing around €1000 at the least but most are more. If the average family is 4 people, then times that by 20, and thats who your guests are, roughly 80 people. Insane. I mean its lovely and family oriented but still insane. If it was the summer, it wouldn't be so bad because kids would just play in the pool but whether we lived in London or Cyprus, February is still winter.

One thing I'm not budging on is her whole class, we've agreed a small amount, probably just the girls so no one is singled out and the venue is at home. Which she was very happy with because thats what she asked for, although I desperately preferred another venue as I've recently had a new kitchen fitted and media unit made and will literally cry if it gets damaged. Im praying for nice whether so the kids can play in the garden, maybe get a jumping castle, get some crafty bits out, a little beauty table, Kimberly has loads of kids nail polishes so the girls can jazz up their nails....and the caterer will be George, souvlaki style, weather permitting.

The other day my youngest got an invitation for a kids party in April, so am I late in organising or are they just super early???

Kenny turns 16 in April and we haven't even arranged that at the moment, thats my next party planning event. I should really get a move on but trying to get a decision out of a teenage boy is like talking to a wooden spoon.

Anyone else get overwhelmed with kids parties? What do you do with all presents when you've just managed to get Christmas presents under control? Any tips, comment below....

I'll post the progress of my party planning and gifts I plan on getting for her. Wish me luck!



Here are some pics from her 5th birthday party....unicorn theme which is still pretty popular!



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