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Hey, my name is Marissa and I’m a mummy to 4. I was born and raised in a Greek Cypriot family in south London where I enjoyed a childhood full of good memories and family, and there were lots of them!!

I was actually born in Dover, but we moved to Norbury when I was very little to be closer to my mum’s family. Growing up, I don’t remember everything, but one thing I always remember, is moving a lot and my parents always renovating the houses we lived in. There wasn’t just one home, we moved quite a bit, same area, different road. Maybe this is where I get my love of house design.?

I’m the middle of the 3 children my parents had which always meant one thing growing up… I always had to share a bloody bedroom with either my older sister or my younger brother. Lucky me! Maybe this is why we get the label “middle child syndrome”.

Anyway, fast forward a few years, and without knowing it at the time, by 14 years old, I had met my husband to be. I remember one of my aunties back then, “you’re going to marry that boy” and I was like, no way, you don’t know what you’re talking about.!!

By 16, we were in a relationship and so from here is where my biggest life changing moments began.

To list briefly, by 18 I was pregnant with my first child and you can imagine in a Greek family, how that went down, but I was always head strong about what I wanted and didn’t let know one sway my decisions. We got registered as I wanted the same name as my baby, and no it wasn’t a forced marriage, everything is what my husband and I wanted.

After one month into turning 19, I gave birth to our first son and it was love at first sight. I was young but being a mum was like second nature to me. I had grown up being around so many kids. That was in 2004. The same month, we had just completed the purchase on our first home. We couldn’t move into it as it needed complete renovations – some things don’t change!!

In 2005, we had our “Greek wedding” in Café royal in London, and if you know about Greek weddings, then you know about the money dance which funded our first house refurb.

Anyway, moving on to 2007, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl to complete our 2:4 family. I mean, what more could anyone need right, I had a son, a daughter and in my head, my family was complete. HOW WRONG WAS I?

In 2009 we were moving and again the house wasn’t liveable, so we moved back with parents so we could renovate. That took 2 years. In 2010, we moved into our lovely new home. By 2013 we added another addition to our family and by 2014 we welcomed another. Some life changing moments in just a small amount of years. So now we have 2 girls and 2 boys. I’m blessed but let me tell you, it’s far from easy and extremely testing, it’s hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. It’s a lifetime job and my biggest accomplishment in life.

So fast forward some more, by 2016, we had moved again to a house that we had big plans for, but this time we could live in it while the renovations were completed. It’s funny how things can turn because we never actually stayed there long enough to start anything other than obtain the permission for what would have been a dream space. One thing I would say is that my husband and I work well as a team and purchasing properties in the right location and right time is something, we are good at. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION above anything else.

By the end of 2016 we moved to Cyprus, lived in my in laws house but things were rushed, and we left without a proper plan and so we ended up moving back to London after 6 months. Luckily, we still had our home in England. One year later, we decided not to renovate our London home but instead we moved back to Cyprus, but this time with more thought. We moved straight into our own house, shipped all our belongings and were ready to set up home. All our kids were enrolled in their schools and our future in Cyprus began.

Now 2020, I can honestly say that I feel like we are where we belong. Moving so much was difficult and with 4 kids you can only imagine. But them moves and renovations became our financial backbone and put us where we are today.

We have created a noisy but beautiful life on the sunny island of Cyprus, and we have made some close friends who are as good as family to us. I live in Larnaca, Meneou with my lovely husband and 4 kids, Kenny 15, Isabella 12, Kimberly 6 & Maximus 5.



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