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Updated: Feb 21

A Huge interest of mine is house renovations and house design, I absolutely love it and I'm pretty good at it. I do tend to overthink my designs sometimes but it’s just because I fuss over minor details and want to get it right first-time round. I live by these 3 rules, 1.is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, 2.is it convenient, 3. will it do/store what I need!

Many people when renovating their homes usually always go for convenience first but for me it has to look good in order for me to be happy with the results. Anything you’re not 100% happy with aesthetically, will alter the feel of the room and always annoy the shit out of you....and if your anything like me, you'll end up changing it!

I first realized how much house design interested me when we moved into our first family home together. I was a young new mother and didn't think I cared much for the interior of the house, so I left it all to my husband. It was at that point I realized how much the house didn't reflect me or my style. I mean, it wasn't disgusting and if I walked into someone’s home, I could appreciate the decor, although the fact that it was mine, bothered me down to my core. I eventually started making changes, but it was too late for the kitchen, the heart of the home, units and worktop were installed and totally not me!

I concentrated on other areas of the house like our day room, bedroom and lounge. I quickly realized my love for monochrome and black furniture. This "mono" has remained in all my designs ever since and plays a major role in all my designs today. And if you’re not a lover of black in the home- you should at least have black framed photographs or prints. Black just brings a contemporary feel to any home and also a cheap update if you’re looking to improve a space.

I can’t wait to share some pics with you. It’s always nice see peoples designs and one lesson I've learnt, is not to ask too many people their opinions on what your trying to achieve, their advice will only confuse you further. I always find looking thorough magazines helps, my favorite is Livingetc, and also the beloved Pinterest for inspiration. For me, I always take pen to paper and draw out what I want. It’s much easier, especially if you’re dealing with carpenters or electricians. Netherless my husband or I always overlook the workmanship to avoid mistakes and 9 times out of 10 if you’re not there, it’s going wrong and shortcuts are made.



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