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Little Girls Gift Guide!

Updated: Feb 21

Do you remember the excitement when you were a kid and it was your birthday? As a parent we always know what we DON'T want our kids to get!!! Personally, I hate the idea of her receiving just loads of toys, it wasn't that long ago we celebrated Christmas and we've just managed to sort them toys out. And then there’s all the gifts, (mostly toys I should think) that she'll receive from her friends on party day. I’m not mean, they just have enough, so sometimes you just need to think out the box and there’s so many ideas that they'll still equally love, and parents love to, which don't take up too much room. YES, you do have to consider this, the space you have to store all these toys.

I thought this week was fitting to give a little gift guide for girls as my baby girl tuns 7 today. Gosh, that came around quick!! She hasn't really asked for much, and there’s only one toy on her list.

I’ve made a little gift guide with some options that a little girl wold love on her birthday! Also gifts that don't break the bank if you buying as a gift for someone else's kid, (we all have a budget) and gifts that mum will be happy with too.

The following are all from my kids concept store and I only ever stock products I love and use on my own children. The blue outfit will be her party outfit!



from €12- €40

My Kids usually get a small gift and money from grandparents which they love receiving. Mine save for bigger, more expensive items they want like laptops, or this year their saving to buy things they want in Disneyland when we go this summer. They do love saving. I mean there’s a limit to how many toys one child can receive and how many your house can fit.

Luckily for me, my kids love clothes and they all have their own sense of style, which sometimes works but other times I've literally refused to leave the house unless they changed!! I always buy them a new outfit to wear on the day of their party, I've done this every year since my eldest was born and that was 15 years ago.

There’s lots of options for girls at all different price ranges. Many people think a present has to big and bulky to make an impact, but I totally disagree, Quality over quantity any day. Close friends will often ask me what they want, so I always off load some gift ideas. Kimberly's into crafts and loves her sisters’ sharpies - so I can tick that off the list.

For Christmas, we got Kimberly a wooden dolls house that fits barbies and she plays with it every day, so there’s not much else she actually needs or has asked for.

There’s this one toy she's asked for, the only toy which was also on her Christmas list but I

intentionally avoided but it’s still on her mind and she doesn't want any other toy, so I think I’ll have to admit defeat on this one. It’s a 3ft Rapunzel doll.... a complete monstrosity in my eyes but I ordered for her. How could I not, there was no other toy options!!

I hope you enjoyed the girls gift guide and it's given you some ideas on what buy in the future. Apart from the doll, (which maybe I grow to love, I’ll let you know), there’s a ton of options out there, unique, organic and eco-friendly.

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