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Updated: Feb 21

I don’t know about you, but I’m a pen to paper kinda girl and every now and then, I buy a new notebook – I’m a list lover for everything and definitely helps my “mummy brain” days and keeps me on track.

A list for literally everything, from Christmas presents, (with costs), to house plans, to party planning, shopping, EVERYTHING! Sometimes, I can’t even read my own writing!! This month, I’ve written my “TO DO LIST” for improvements in the house. We’re massive homebodies, spending lots of time at home – chilling, entertaining, kids’ birthday parties, you name it. Whilst we’ve been making home improvements since we moved in, there’s still so much to do. My biggest problem is storage – this bloody house, literally has none. Were a family of 6, so every inch counts! Hiding shoes and coats is my priority at the moment. I hate seeing them all over the hallway – NO COAT CUPBOARD = MESS


1. Under stair cupboard

2. Kitchen sheers & blinds

3. Radiator covers

4. Downstairs toilet storage

5. Put family pics up

6. EXTRA BEDROOM – UNLIKELY - one year on & still waiting for permission

7. Storage room outside

8. Outside fencing

So, these are my main 8 projects for the year. I’ve already begun drawing out some designs. Number 5, family pics – always a hard one for me. It takes so much time, its personal and I’m not a good decision maker. For this, I’ve started a separate album on my phone which every now and then I add pics into. I take hundreds of photos so it’s just the case of choosing my favourite ones – do I put up to date ones, baby photos, past photos and as for family photos, although I have many, there’s only very few when all 6 of us are looking, not pulling a funny face, background is odd or one of us just doesn’t like the pic!

I might just have to book a family photo shoot?? Any recommendations in Larnaca area, please let me know!!

So, I’ll be showing you the process of all these home improvements and also what we’ve achieved so far – KEEP A LOOK OUT!!

FYI - all photos used in my blog are all my own designs and homes I've designed for.

Marissa xoxo



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