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Treasure of Troodos

Updated: Feb 21

I’ve been living here since December 2017 and Cyprus never fails to amaze me. I mean, where else can you go and get sun, sea, sand and snow?? Exactly, it’s so under exposed to people travelling here. Troodos Mountains also known as Mount Olympus, is the place to be when you fancy a little change in scenery. We took a trip up there recently, as we do every year and it’s just a beautiful carpet of white, surrounded by trees, slopes and the sound of laughter by the many visitors it has. Its just tranquil! This year I was far more prepared for how cold it actually is up there – all 6 of us were layered, bought a bunch of thermal socks, waterproof gloves, hats and specialist ski outfits for the little ones to prevent their clothes becoming wet. Last year our fingers and toes got so cold, our fun in the snow didn’t last long before the kids starting moaning to find somewhere with heat!

It was a last-minute decision so nothing online would deliver fast enough, but we managed to find some “all in one outfits” at sports direct. They weren’t the prettiest pieces, but they did the job.

We arrived mid-afternoon and the ski slopes had unfortunately closed, so bear that in mind if you’re planning a visit. The slopes close off at 3. Still, we built snowmen, had many snowball fights and went down the slopes on sleighs, and when they broke, we had to improvise and used a large plastic bag we found. It worked incredibly well.

I would love to share pics of myself, but I looked like a homeless person with all my layers, hoods and hats.!! I don’t do well in the cold!!

We’re planning on going again in February when Kimberly turns 7. I would definitely recommend a trip up to Troodos mountains for anyone living or visiting Cyprus. I think there’s snow up until March. My advice would be LAYERS, LAYERS & MORE LAYERS!

There’s also a lovely little food cabin to warm up after and enjoy a hot chocolate and a decent range of food. The staff are really friendly, and food was tasty.

Hat & Glove sets - Jellyfish kids - https://jellyfishkids.com.cy/collections/accessories/products/kaya-baby-polar-hat-gloves-set

Kids all in one outfit – Sports direct - https://www.sportsdirect.com/gelert-waterproof-suit-infants-448398#colcode=44839818

Hunter Wellington boots

Thermal & heat socks – Sports direct - https://www.sportsdirect.com/gelert-heat-wear-socks-junior-boys-414254#colcode=41425403

Waterproof gloves – purchased when we were there

Base layers - https://www.sportsdirect.com/campri-thermal-tights-mens-402086#colcode=40208603

There are so many other things to explore in Troodos, like nature trails, waterfalls, dams, museums, geo parks, botanical gardens, churches, wineries not to mention all the little villages. On your way up, you also get a glimpse of all the animals roaming the forests.

I didn't even realise myself, how beautiful this place is, so hopefully I get to experience many of the above soon, maybe when the snows melts away!!

A Few Facts "The Troodos mountains are unique in their geology and one of the only few places in the world where scientists can examine oceanic crust without needing to go to the sea. An underwater volcano that erupted 90 million years ago, and the reason the island was formed, has given rise to pillow lava which is observable throughout the mountains. The area of Troodos is also home to one of the 5 most copper rich areas in the world. Some say the island’s name ‘Kypros’ is derived from the Latin name for copper, ‘cuprum’."




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