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How to organise your medicine cupboard!!

Organizing this part of the house has quickly risen to the top of my list after the past week’s antics when all my kids were sick, and we ended up spending a small fortune on meds for them. It was ridiculous but when I actually took the time to salvage through my boxes, I realized I already had quite of the medicines that I ended up re buying out of sheer panic.

So Ultimately, by organizing properly, you'll save time, making finding the right medicines easy and most importantly improve the quality of your family’s home medical care. The Med cupboard can be chaotic - personally mine had loads of expired ones!

Of course, when it’s the middle of the night and you have a sick child and your rampaging through meds and all you can find is expired bottles or everything but what you looking for - it’s a clear sign that it’s time to organize this zone. Here’s how I organized:


First things first, you have to get everything OUT and throw away anything you no longer use or has expired. You'll be surprised how much medication you will have that expired in 2004 along with odd bits of old and sticky syrup caps and the odd loose screws. (I obviously was trying to tidy up and get rid of junk off the side, out of sight out of mind.)


Next you need to sort - this can vary from each household to what medication you take but these are the categories I used. To make it easier I split into two halves of adults and children and then sub categorized.

Daily Vitamins - The whole families daily vitamins.

Kids Medication - Calpol, nurofen, nebuliser solutions, thermometers, sickness syrup etc..

First Aid, Creams & Ointments - Plasters, burn creams, cold sore plasters etc.

Pain Relief - Paracetamols, aspirin, muscle pain relief spray, panadol

Kids Wellness - Bio cults infants, extra stock of vitamins

Cold & flu - cough sweets, cough syrup, allergy tablets, cold & flu tablets, throat spray

Outdoor - Mosquito Spray, sun creams

Storing depends on the cupboard space you have and there’s loads of solutions. My cupboard is fairly high, so I prefer lots of boxes rather than one big draw file. I used the IKEA boxes, they come in variable sizes, light, durable, and cheap.

You can use paper files, plastic storage draws, clear boxes - whatever your preference.

Then of course, LABEL, LABEL, LABEL. This will ensure the whole family knows where to find things, hopefully!!

Once you have a system in place, there is absolutely no upkeep and your less likely to buy things you already have.

I love Ikea for storage boxes for round the house. The above is what I used, Kuggis boxes with lids. They start from €5.99.

The labels are from Etsy. I used "Its Pretty Lovely" based in the UK. The shipping was cheap. Each label was €1.75 plus shipping. Total for 9 labels with shipping was €18.88. I used Size Medium, font 1.

Check out my Instagram page to see the label process. I'm officially addicted!

You can shop all the vitamins my children and I take, click on the SHOP menu on the blog.

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Happy Organizing



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