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Have kids changed your Valentines Day?

Updated: Feb 21

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and whilst there were the days when it was exciting to wonder what George had planned, where we would be going, or who we were going with, them feelings soon disappeared after having children, especially after 4, it all changed. Should it have changed? Is it okay to feel like I would really prefer my mum to take the kids for the night, having my home be clean and tidy with everything in its rightful place, curled up in bed watching tv instead with my man? Is this a sign of getting old or the need to have a night and morning without hearing the word "mum"? Maybe both!!

I mean, I really am a homebody and if It wasn't for George being a social little butterfly, I properly wouldn't ever suggest going out. Ying and Yang I suppose.... Don’t get me wrong, when we go out, I always enjoy myself and am always glad we went and let our hair down. I think, as humans, parents, we all need interaction with other adults and being a parent can mean you really lose that desire sometimes. Just the need to talk with another adult to keep our brains sane.

3 of my kids were ill this week and so at home, so our house is like a germ infested zone right now.

The photo to the right > is a 2019 Christmas dinner party we went in Amara Hotel, Limassol. Our first mirror selfie!!

George is actually a true romantic at heart which surprises most people because he's loud (like Greek loud), always loves to give his opinion and my gosh, does he love a debate!! He's always surprising me on birthdays and Christmases with gifts that he personally picks out and after many years together, he's even nailed getting my clothing gifts right. He knows my clothing size, shoes size, bra size, style, perfume smell and colors which I would never wear, (yellow in particular). He's a sweetheart really. On the other hand, he doesn't really like gifts back, although this Christmas I nailed his present and he loves it and uses it every day!! He's much more of a sentimental person. He looks at the wording on the cards I buy him, the messages that I write inside. One of his favorite gifts, is a print I bought him about 8 years ago which still hangs proudly in our bedroom. And of course, the one I spoke about in my blog last week. The star alignment prints from underluckystars.com. Sentimental gifts is my fav too.

We don't really do gifts on valentine’s day, but we do like to give all the kids a little something. Last year he bought the girls a single long-stemmed rose with chocolates and for the boys we got them some really nice packaged cookies and heart shaped chocolates. I do love fresh flowers around the house. His bunches never disappoint!

This year I know George has teamed up with his mate and brother, so were triple dating. I don't know where but an A* for the people were celebrating with. Isabella also has a Valentines school dance and Kenny is out but were not allowed to know with who and where. He thinks he's some sort of FBI agent!

What do you guys have planned? Have kids changed your Valentine’s Day plans?

Whatever your doing to celebrate, have fun and enjoy.


Marissa xoxo



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