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Flying Solo to London! Weekend away!

Last Friday I flew to London for a long weekend ….It dawned on me whilst I was packing that this would be the first time, I’ve flown completely solo…. Like ever! The purpose of my trip was for my nephews christening on Sunday although I managed to squeeze in a day for TK Maxx which I’ve absolutely missed, possibly one of my favourite stores and also visited my immediate family.

I’m not afraid of flying at all, but I was super excited about roaming duty free without kids nagging for the toilets or Kenny & George moaning to sit in the lounge to eat!! I love the tax-free shopping, it’s a great chance to stock up on makeup, creams and essentials. NO KIDS, NO HUSBAND, JUST ME!

Disappointment. Larnaca airport was under construction for future expansion, so most of the terminal was closed off, there wasn’t really anything to do, and the worst part is that I ended up sitting in the lounge. I phoned George when I was there, and he was laughing at me!

With all the talk of coronavirus, and of course planes are the worst for spreading germs, I went as prepared as much I good be. This included:

  • mask

  • glasses

  • anti bacterial (spayed my seat down in the plane & tray)

  • Tea tree oil - Tea tree oil makes an ideal natural hand sanitiser. Studies have shown that it kills several common bacteria and viruses responsible for causing illness, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenza

I had no shame in using anti bacterial all over my plane seat, tray and window...although I did get a few looks as if I was a mad woman. LOL

Taking no chances!! #corona


With so little days, I planned my trip out.

  • Friday - landed at 8pm - George picked me up, he flew to London a few days before me. Dinner at my mother in laws

  • Saturday - TK Maxx. My natural body clock woke me up on Cyprus time so I was there by 9;30am.

  • Sunday - Visited my brother in the morning at his new flat . Christening began at 3;30 at Crystal Palace Greek Orthodox church

  • Monday - Back Home (cab picked us up at 4:00am, landed in Cyprus at 2:30pm)

Christening photos from Sunday Below! #family


Although I hate packing, over the years with all my kids,(and husband) in truth I've become somewhat of an expert packer, with being able to limit what I actually need and will use. I used to over pack and would literally return home with a pile of unworn clothes. As its just a long weekend away, I prepared an outfit a day. Winter packing requires a little more space for jumpers, coats, boots rather than the skimpy clothes, bikinis and sandals that I would usually take for a summer vacay!


  • Outfit & shoes for event

  • Leather look trousers, Long tee & jumper

  • Two spare tees

  • Pyjamas

  • Underwear & socks

  • Makeup & brush

  • Travel size creams, cleansers & perfume

  • Handful of cotton pads

  • 3 flannels (to wipe makeup off after cleansing)

On the flight I wore a pair of jeans, tee, jumper, trainers & coat. As I stayed with family, there was no need to take hairdryers, body wash etc….

I travelled light and this fit in my cabin travel trolley but I also took a suitcase within another suitcase to bring things back with me.


Kids stayed with my lovely mother — and dad partly (he has little patience)!! MEN!

But, dad played taxi that weekend, driving them to all their after school lessons and clubs while mum held the fought at home. I called in on some friends to take Kimberly out and relieve some of the pressure off my mum...(mainly for my own peace of mind). They would have ended up bickering otherwise if they stayed home together all weekend. My eldest son being the biggest wind up!

I food prepped until Friday when I left and put a macaroni in the freezer for the weekend. Another perk to Sunday planning that I wrote about in my last blog. (see Sunday routine, planning for a better week)

Before I left, i'll also planned the little ones outfits. Kimberly & Maximus, for some reason make outrageous outfit choices when I'm not around. Isabella and Kenny sorted themselves out although Isabella always face times me and ask me advice whenever she's getting dressed anyway. I wrote a plan of places the kids had to be and times. My parents are pretty good at keeping them occupied with board games and luckily the weather was bright and warm so the garden was open for them to play.

Even though I've never flown alone before, I've been away with my hubby with no kids and I did always feel anxious, especially if one of them rings me upset or I feel like my mums getting stressed. BUT, they were in safe hands. We said our farewell after school drop off on Friday, which was the first time that Maximus didn't have a melt down at the thought of me leaving so I left Cyprus feeling relaxed. I spoke to them over the weekend and things seemed to be going good, (most of the time). Only one little tearful conversation with Maximus but he soon got over it.

Time away was chilled and rested. I could definitely get used to it, especially now I know my mum can cope with them as none of them are really babies anymore.

Soooooo, big thanks to my Mum and Dad. I hope you enjoyed your grandkids!!

Have you guys ever left you kids for the weekend & how did it make you feel? And would you do it again, I know I will!! Comment below.

Marissa xoxo


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