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Finding the balance!

Updated: Feb 21

Now the Christmas holidays are over and the kids are back at school - its time to get ourselves back into routine. I dont know about you, but when the kids are off school, my routine goes totally out the window - mainly because I see it as an escape to do less! Bedtime routine can be sooo draining and a job in itself. Okay, so I only have 2 kids that need me to put them to bed....which makes me wonder what I did so different with my first two as I didn't need to sit with them, I literally just said bedtime guys, tuck them in and leave the room. Now, my two youngest want me to sit there until their sleeping. Kenny is 15 so obviously puts himself to bed and Isabella is 12 so all she needs is a gentle reminder for "lights out".

During the Christmas holiday, I took quite a few days off work to spend with my brood. On a normal day, they will come after school and sit at the shop with me until I close. Family time was my main goal for this holiday - plus there was always the option of my online store if anyone wanted anything.

One thing I've learnt about Cyprus, that is so different to the UK, is that people don't start their sale shopping on Boxing Day. In the UK, people cant wait to hit the sales.

Instead of working, we hosted Christmas dinners with friends, went on our annual trip to Troodos mountains, watched a lot of movies with blinds down and snacks to hand, ate a lot of leftovers from the dinner parties, kids played with their new gifts and we generally spent a lot of time with each other. This year we taught our two older kids how to play "kalooki" which is a card game my parents played every Friday night with my aunts and uncles. We have still been playing every night, and we've come to the conclusion that my husband is very lucky (or cheats), Kenny is a sore loser and Isabella is in it to win it and is a natural card player....plus were all very competitive when it comes to cards!! Im so happy they enjoy the game and we've found something where we can spend quality time as a family. My two littles ones take up a lot of my time and so its easy, not to forget, but to tell the older ones, "we'll do that later". Spending equal amounts of time with each child is impossible to do due to their age ranges so I don't beat myself up about this, anymore! Being a parent, sometimes, you have to just "wing it" and you'll know if one child needs you more that day or week. I think the key is to find common interests with each of them, and building memories together. Easier said than done, but thats my goal!!



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