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Fashion Vs Mama

Updated: Feb 21

Well, when it comes to fashion, what’s not to love?

I mean, I’m not the most fashionable person on a daily basis and if I’m not dressing for an occasion, I’m usually very casual. In fact, since having 4 kids, it’s a case of, what can I wear that can be washed and doesn’t need ironing!! So, it’s usually sportswear or jeans and a tee. Minimal effort! Oh god, and if I’m home all day, like a Sunday, its pyjamas all the way!

On the other hand, I do looove a good designer bag and designer shoes – over the years I’ve made quite the collection which my girls are dying to wear. My 6-year-old Kimberly can’t help herself when she sees my Valentino rock studs. It's cute, although its not likely their left out often. Its usually wear them on a night out and before I go to bed that evening, no matter what the time is, there back in the box with the tissue paper tucked in and back in the dust bags. Isabella, my 12 year old is a size 4 and I’m a size 5 – she’s nearly there but not quite and most styles she’s too young for, but on the odd special occasion, she loves to wear some of my flat sliders. My most recent purchase or gift should I say, was a GG Marmont mini bucket bag and matching purse. It was my Christmas gift from my husband and I love it. I use it every day at the moment, its small but not tiny and I can just hang it around my body leaving my hands free. This is also my first pink bag. I’m loving the GG marmont range from Gucci this season. I could collect them all!! Now wouldn’t that be nice??

I always say, buy less and spend more, on less things. I would choose quality over quantity any day and that not just for bags but for everything I purchase. You’ll end up spending the same but the quality items, you’ll cherish forever.



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