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Cyprus on Lockdown: Covid-19....some ideas to keep you sane!

Its official, Cyprus is on complete lockdown. Initially it was for one week, but within literally two days, it changed to 10th April, which is when the kids were due to break for easter. So in all, the kids are now off school for 6.5 weeks.

Whilst staying at home is no problem for me, anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit of a homebody anyway, although my concerns lies with having to homeschool my children, pretty daunting. Quite frankly, I'm full of self doubt as to how I'm supposed to survive the day with getting all four children kept up with their education. Their all at such different levels and the most difficult part will be how to find "quite" time for them all to be able to concentrate. That will be the biggest challenge. Were a family of six, it won't be easy!

I've drawn out a day to day plan which still needs tweaking and spent the day printing off work thats been sent via email from the teachers, although i'll probably have to wing it a lot of the time - meaning i'll have a rough time plan schedule although as long as we get main core subjects covered like maths, English and reading, i'll be happy.

Our schools are in the process of setting up video calls for the children which I'm hopeful for, as this will relieve plenty of pressure and the kids will feel more like a school day rather than mummy just setting out work. George, Kenny and Isabella have already begun Skype calls for the private greek lessons they've been having all year, so I know the method works.

My advice for parents out there is, whether you like or not, screen time will help us all get through this!!

Its strange because our schools in Cyprus have three months off in the summer due to the heat, but somehow this "lockdown" feels much more daunting. I think its because I feel more prepared for the summer break and this seems to of just been sprung on us. My children will have more time out of school this year than in school, which worries me on the amount of education they'll be missing and how it will affect them.

Not all is bad...with the first week of staying at home, I've been trying to fill up my spare time as creatively as possible. I've decided to "make a move" on all things I've been meaning to do but never had the time or motivation to do so. I've made a promising start.


We all have them draw/cupboards that hide all our bits and bobs AKA junk, that don't have a home or we've quickly shoved away to keep the home looking tidy. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, paperwork that we stuffed away. This weekend I threw out paperwork and statements I've had since 2002! I'm generally a person that bins/re-gifts a lot of things that I don't have space for anymore or haven't used in years.

Going through your kids toys and clothes is always a good start. Put away, re-gift or make a charity pile of all your unwanted items.


Im pretty organised, but nows a good time to clear out them bookcases, display cabinets and re-organise. Deep clean them sofas, wash the outdoor shutters, balconies/verandas, ready for the gorgeous weather coming our way. How about them walls that the kids have drawn a picture on, the outside walls that need freshening up, the pictures you've been meaning to get on the walls. Wash them rugs that have seen better days. You house will be germ free in no time!


Personally I hate the gym and I've been thinking about doing some home workouts. Nows the prefect time to give it a try. Ive recently found a fitness video to follow and will take up this in the next few days. Theres a variety of you tube videos you can look up depending on what you enjoy. We are supposed to be on lockdown but theres plenty of open and secluded places you can go to if it all gets too much and you don't have a garden.


Lets not forget to look after ourselves, especially when we are expected to take on duties that we are not used to, on top of the million and one things we already do. But we are survivors by nature, we can do this. We just need to survive, keep safe, keep our children active and educated. I'm not a big book reader myself, theres only a few books that have kept me interested. I'm more of an article reader, blog follower, magazine/column reader. I enjoy real life stories, a pinterest lover, home and decor subscription person. Find what you enjoy and make time to do it.

KIDS Lets not over think what activities we should be doing with our kids, we already do so many and have always done, we just need to keep them interested for longer periods. Maximus and Kimberly are only one year apart in age, so they keep each other occupied in so many ways, kids have great imaginations. Isabella is 12, she is very good at entertaining them and all three of them share a love of screen time playing Roblox.

Don't under estimate them, children can also be quite helpful, they love feeling needed. Cleaning the garden, playing with the cats and dogs, baking, play dough, arts and crafts. Im guilty of bribing them with money! Today I bribed Isabella to pick up the dog poop from the garden in exchange for €20.


  • Tik Tok - this is great fun which Isabella loves. She records her dances and practices them all day.

  • Snap chat - this can entertain us all for a few minutes

  • Bored Games - We currently own and recommend scrabble, monopoly, cludeo, playing cards (kalooki), guess who, connect 4, uno

  • Cake Making

  • Movie nights - Netflix are always updating.

Most importantly, we need to stay connected and support each other through these unsettling times. I'm lucky enough to have my parents who live nearby and my mother in law is over at the moment and a good circle of friends that we are happy to see during this "lockdown" stage. Corona Virus has brought a lot of fear to people. My youngest boy suffers from respiratory issues and often has to be on a nebuliser and my Dad also suffers from a rare vasculitis disease who can be dangerously affected if he comes into contact with a carrier of the corona virus.

The news seems to be changing frequently and although I like to keep updated and its important to, we have to keep ourselves sane.

My thoughts and prays are with the small businesses that will no doubt see the effect, including my own. As a community we have to shop small, the larger companies will survive. I pray to doest affect the economy here too much and we can all get back to normal soon.

Stay safe, stay sanitised and don't touch your face!!

Marissa xoxo



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