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Bedwetting struggles - a program that actually works!

Updated: Feb 21

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As a parent we often comes across unexpected "obstacles" that can take us on a bit of a roller coaster ride with our children, leaving us feeling like we've hit a dead end. For years now, I've been struggling to overcome bedwetting with my 3rd child, Kimberly, She's 7 next week, and out of all 4 of my children, she's the only one who has struggled to keep dry at night.

I have researched, googled, taken her to the doctors, you name it and also tried a bunch of recommendations from people but nothing seemed to work. At first I thought she would grow out of it...but she didn't and I'm sooo happy I came across this program. Its been life changing!

Up until last year, Kimberly was wearing pull ups to bed and every morning I would check and almost everyday, the nappy was was soaking with 1-3 pees a night. Since last summer, I decided to take the nappies away incase she was being "lazy"and relied on the nappy itself. And NO. She wasn't being lazy, she just couldnt help it. I also tried picking her up during the night to put her on the toilet at around midnight, (sometimes she was already wet) and again at 4am. Tiring is an understatement. I was emotionally drained. I didn't know how to help her. It was so upsetting to see her little face. She was so disappointed in herself and she would wake up and tell me she just couldn't help it. :(

Admittedly, there were times when I lost my patience but not very often, the last thing she needed was me adding to her stress. I was just exhausted from waking up to take her toilet throughout the night and washing bloody bed sheets everyday. She was so pleased with herself when she managed to stay dry at night, which wasn't very often.

I soon learned that my method of waking her up to take her toilet was a big "NO NO" in training kids to stay dry at night and its also a myth when they say no drinks before bed!

My other kids did tease a lot when they bickered and especially upsetting for her when Maximus, my youngest teased because he's a year younger than her. I literally go loopy if they tease her because its completely out of her control.

It's all down to the fact that a child goes into such a deep sleep that she doesn't even realise she needs to go to the toilet.

There are off course underlying issues which can effect children bedwetting but this wasn't the case for Kimberly. She occasionally suffers from the odd urine infection but thats about it. I also discovered that it can be genetic, so its worth asking your parents how you was as a kid. I didn't suffer from persisitened bedwetting but I do remember being about 8 when I had a little accident and I was mortified. I even tried to strip the bed and clean the sheets myself before anyone discovered what I had done - mainly to avoid the embarrassment of being teased my brother and sister. Mum found me and helped me and kept my little secret!! I think the embarrassment was the worst thing about the whole experience.

For the past few months I kept seeing bedwetting therapee being advertised and so in December we made the order, and how glad I am that we did! This program has literally saved me and if I was asked to review it would be above 5 stars.

It's basically a mat with sensors all over it and you & your child have to plug it in at night before they go sleep. It's sensors raise an alarm if your child is peeing. The first night, it frightened the absolute life out of her and she was in tears. I actually slept through it, (deep sleeper) but my husband was there to help her change and clean the sheets - I say change the sheets, but he couldn't do it so he just placed a towel over the mat and sent her back to sleep!

She didn't want to use it the next night, but I convinced her- and she's so happy she did because she managed to stay dry....she actually managed two dry nights in a row in her first week! I mean, its not as simple as put the mat down and thats it. She had to listen to the doctors online pre-recorded messages where he explains lots of information to her. I then have to record her daily results on her progress - so if she wets, I have to record the time of the incident, size of the wee and if the alarm woke her. There's different volumes to chose from and ours is set to the loudest, although we've had a few nights when that hasn't even woken her, and I've had to wake her and walk her to the toilet - even if she has wet already, its absolutely necessary to take her and make her body aware that she is wet.

Were on week 4 now and the doctor reviews her progress every two weeks with new instructions once he's monitored the information that I've added to her chart.

From a little girl who wet the bed every night, often 2 times a night, to now where she has achieved a 10 day run of dry nights. On the weekend, my eldest daughter Isabella even let her sleep in her bed with her which she couldn't do before.

Therapie by Dr Sagie has worked wonders for us and I love the fact that the information is recorded and reviewed and updated every 2 weeks with what to do next. On week 3-4 Kimberly was given new exercises to practice by Dr Sagie, "so to speak" to help her strengthen her bladder.

Your not just sent a mat and left to work it out yourself. Dr Sagie offers support all the way if you need it. The progress chart is a fantastic idea for the kids as they receive blue stars every dry night and a big red star for every 4th dry night. She now asks to see her chart and is completely familiar with the routine and plugs her mat in herself every evening before going to bed. The program takes 12 weeks to complete fully.

It's amazing to see how excited she is and how confident she's becoming. We still have a long way to go but the progress is promising!! In all honesty, I only share products I believe in and I've used and worked. If your child is struggling, than I highly recommend you purchasing the program, you won't be disappointed!!

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I hope that by sharing our struggles and the solutions we've found, it makes it easier for anyone else going through similar scenarios with their kids.


This bedwetting alarm is the safest on the market. Since there is no radio transmitter, it has no risk of radiation. Children sleep completely free, with no wires or objects attached to their body. The sensor pad is placed under the bedsheet, which eliminates any risk of suffocation or skin irritation. This bedwetting alarm exceeds the most stringent safety requirements and regulations for children’s medical devices under both the FDA and the European CE.


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